Oct 11

Anker Astro E4 13,000mAh

Battery packs have become very popular in the last few years. This is due to the fact that our phones and tablets are becoming more powerful and sleek but as a result of this the amount of usage we get out of our phone is decreasing.

Now there are many battery packs out there …

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Jul 16

iPad Mini Full Invisible Shield From Ultimate Shield

I normally only test battery pack for smartphones and other devices, but today’s review is going to be different! I have recently bought an iPad mini and I wanted to protect it to the max without losing the thinness and lightness of it! I had tested multiple cases  but they all felt too heavy when compared …

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Apr 12

New Trent NT70T

In the past I have reviewed many battery packs coming from the company New Trent and I have seen it grow over the years! With some of the best battery packs made by them, I wanted to test if one of the latest line of battery packs from them lived up to their hype!

Therefore, …

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Jun 28

Anker 1600mAh Li-ion Battery for HTC’s

I have been using an HTC Desire S as my primary phone, as it is very well built and has a good number of features for a very reasonable price. It has one problem though which is battery life and that is why i am testing this battery replacement which has an increase of 200mAh …

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Nov 07

TeckNet Dual-Port iEP380-I

The TeckNet Dual-Port iEp380-I is a good battery pack with a 5000 Mah battery built-in. It has dual usb charging ports which can be used simultaneously and can output a maximum of 1.5Ma(0.7 Ma each port when using both ports). It has the ability to charge any device that can be charged via usb , like most …

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Oct 22

Best Battery Pack For The iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S has recently been released by Apple, with the super fast dual-core A5 chip built-in plus an 8mp camera packed in the beautiful body of the iPhone 4. Apple have also included an amazing assistant named Siri, which lets u do nearly anything on your iPhone just by speaking to it. For example …

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Jun 22

The Arcadia Pack IMP70D

I have tested out many battery pack’s, but I have found one that I really like and you will love, The Arcadia Pack IMP70D. This battery pack is very well designed, has dual charging ports , beautiful packaging and a massive 7000 Mah battery in it. This is the fastest and most powerful battery pack i have …

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May 21

Best Battery Pack For The iPad 2 And The iPad

The iPad 2 , the best tablet right now with the new apple A5 processor and very powerfull graphics. Althought the iPad 2 has a 1 hour battery life , which is the best of all the tablets , sometimes while using 3g on it or playing hardcore games use alot of battery and therefore …

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May 20

Best Battery Packs for the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 , the best smartphone right now , with the 1ghz A4 and tons of apps from the known app store. All these decrease battery life , and the phone can manage about 6 hours on normal use. But if you use 3G internet or use the apps on the iPhone, this decreases …

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Mar 10

Best Battery Packs For the htc Desire HD

The htc Desire HD , one of the greatest phones of 2010 has a 1ghz cpu and 768mb of ram which makes the phone stand out from other phones. Also is has a whopping 4.3 inch screen , which is massive on a phone and has a beautiful 8mp camera with dual flash. All this …

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